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Effortlessly Weigh and Measure Your Food

Ever found yourself wishing you had a measuring cup, thermometer and scale all in one?Ā Well, we heard you! This ingenious idea of combing a measuring cup and scale in one is now a reality.

iCupiā„¢Ā has an easy to read, digital screen that always gives preciseĀ measurements, which is particularly helpful if you want to step up your baking skills or you're concerned aboutĀ portion control.Ā 


  • Easy-to-read LCD screen built into the handle for at-a-glance measurements
  • By a simple press quickly convert between different measurementĀ unitsĀ (g - ml - oz - cup - ct - lb)
  • Automatically converts 5 preset ingredients (flour, sugar, milk, water, and oil) from ounces (weight) to cups (volume)
  • Tare function: weigh multiple items without emptying the cup
  • The detachable design makes it space-saving and easy toĀ clean
  • Detachable cup (not handle) is made from high grade food plastic and is dishwasher/microwave safe.


  • Unit conversion with one click:Ā g - ml - oz - cup - ct - lb ( 1000g = 35oz )
  • Material:Ā Food GradeĀ PlasticĀ + ABS
  • Button battery:Ā 1 x 3V CR2023 (included)
  • Automatic Turn Off Time:Ā 1 Minute
  • Dimensions: 6.09 x 4.91 x 5.50 inches /Ā 15.5 x 12.5 x 14 cm
  • Volume capacity: 20Ā fluid ounces / 2Ā cups or 600 ml / 1000 g
  • Ambient temperature termometerĀ (Ā°F/Ā°C)Ā 
  • Countdown timerĀ (up to 30 min)

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