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How To Make Delicious Homemade Ice Cream in minutes?

For anyone who loves frozen treats, the iceMakeri™ is a revolutionary kitchen tool bringing you ice cream instantly. No more waiting. No more store bought pints. Pull the iceMakeri™ from the freezer, add your ingredients and make delicious, homemade ice cream in minutes!


  • This instant iceMakeri™  creates delicious homemade ice cream in minutes, perfect for kids or adults
  • Simply pour mixed ingredients onto the fast-freeze surface, then scoop and turn until ice cream is formed.
  • Also makes instant frozen yogurt, sorbets, gelato, frozen margaritas, and more.


  1. No electricity needed, just place iceMakeri™ in freezer. Freeze for 24 hours before first use. Other times it's enough 8 hours or more.
    Important: freezer's temperature below -1°F (-18 °C).
  2. Pour cup of mixture (chill before use) onto surface so the entire surface is covered.
  3. Wait approximately 15-20 seconds, then begin to mix and blend with the included tools.
  4. Fold, mix and blend the mixture over the surface of the iceMakeri™ until it begins to thicken.
  5. First serving of ice cream is done when mixture is frozen to desired thickness.
  6. Makes 3-4 servings of ice cream in approx. 30 minutes.


  • Size: 12" x 10" x 1.5"  (30 x 24 x 4 cm)
  • Material: Food Grade Stainless Steel + PP
  • Weight: 2.2 lbs (1 kg)
  • Cleaning:
    • Rinse with warm water to clean. iceMakeri™ is not dishwasher safe.
    • Don't clean with scouring powders or hard implements.
    • Dry thoroughly before placing in the freezer.Never clean with scouring powders or hard implements.

    Package include:

    • 1 x iceMakeri
    • 2 x Scrape the ice shovel.
    • 1 x Sealing cover.

      Due to increased demand for this product please allow 10-18 business days for delivery.